Fedora 17 – KDE Desktop

Fedora 17 – KDE Desktop

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Pinta – open source drawing application modeled after Paint.NET
KolourPaint – paint application with elemental functions
MyPaint – paint application with a large variety of brushes
The GIMP – free software replacement for Adobe Photoshop
Shotwell Photo Manager – full-featured personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop
Chromium – Google’s open-source browser
Thunderbird – email and news client
Evolution – combines e-mail, calendar, address book, and task list management functions
Deluge – free cross-platform BitTorrent client
Transmission BitTorrent Client – Bittorrent client
Vuze – Java BitTorrent client
qBittorrent – free alternative to µtorrent
Marble – desktop globe similar to google earth
GoogleEarth – Google’s desktop globe
Flash Player 11
FileZilla – multithreaded FTP client
Pidgin IM Client – multi-platform instant messaging client
Dropbox Client – cloud storage
Gwibber Social Client – open-source microblogging client (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
Adobe Reader
Evince – document viewer
Okular – document viewer
LibreOffice Writer – replacement for Microsoft Word
LibreOffice Calc – replacement for Microsoft Excel
GnuCash – double-entry book-keeping personal finance system, similar to Quicken
Scribus – open source desktop publishing (DTP) application
Sound & Video:
Banshee – audio player, can encode/decode various formats and synchronize music with Apple iPods
Amarok – audio player
MPlayer – media player (video/audio), supports WMA
Rhythmbox Music Player – audio player, similar to Apple’s iTunes, with support for iPods
gtkPod – software similar to Apple’s iTunes, supports iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod photo, and iPod mini
Sound Juicer CD Extractor – CD ripping tool, supports various audio codecs
Nightingale – audio player similar to Winamp, but not yet as feature rich (Songbird fork)
XMMS – audio player similar to Winamp
Clementine – Amarok 1.4 fork
Exaile – audio player
VLC Media Player – media player, plays all kinds of videos (video/audio)
Totem – media player (video/audio)
Xine – media player, supports various formats; can play DVDs
Winff – free video converter
SoundConverter – free audio converter
K3B – CD/DVD burning program
Brasero – CD/DVD burning program
Audacity – free, open source, cross platform digital audio editor
dvd::rip – full featured DVD copy program
Multimedia Codecs
KompoZer – WYSIWYG HTML editor, similar to Macromedia Dreamweaver, but not as feature-rich (yet)
Bluefish – text editor, suitable for many programming and markup languages
Eclipse – Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE

VirtualBox – lets you run your old Windows desktop as a virtual machine under your Linux desktop, so you don’t have to entirely abandon Windows
TrueType fonts
Read-/Write support for NTFS partitions
gedit – simple text editor

Download Fedora 17 – KDE Desktop DVD ISO

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Fedora 17 DVD

  1. Download Fedora 17 32-bit DVD ISO – (3.6 GB)
  2. Download Fedora 17 64-bit DVD ISO – (3.6 GB)

Fedora 17 Network Install CD

  1. Download Fedora 17 32-bit Network Install CD ISO – (199 MB)
  2. Download Fedora 17 64-bit Network Install CD ISO – (162 MB)

Fedora 17 Desktop Edition

  1. Download Fedora 17 32-bit Desktop ISO – (646 MB)
  2. Download Fedora 17 64-bit Desktop ISO – (645 MB)